Quality Policy

The policy of Hayati Özer is to create real value that can be sustained over the long term and to
form lasting relationships which enable all our customer's requirements to be met.


To enable Hayati Özer to fullfil this policy we shall use the Internationally recognised standards the British Retail Consortium standard for food, ISO 9001, ISO 22000. These standards will assist us in the formulation of a basic operations system and in delivering to our customers safe, legal and food to a defined quality from a system designed to give constant improvement. We shall also employ ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 to help us manage environmental and health and safety issues within our organisation.

  • BRC Certificate

  • Certification ACT

There are special relationships in which we must ensure that all parties are in a "win" situation for if any one party does not "win" the system will fail and so will we. There are four very special relationships we need to be aware of:

Our customers

We have a special responsibility to our customers to ensure that all of their requirements are met. By constantly listening to them, understanding their needs and expectations we shall consistently satisfy their needs and expectations.

Our suppliers

We understand that if we do not work closely with all of our suppliers we will not be in control of the supply chain and this in turn will ultimately lead to failing our customer. To enable the "win" situation to prevail here we shall encourage our suppliers to follow our lead and principles so that every step in the supply chain results in positive benefits for all.

Our associates

Our Directors and Senior Managers will lead from the front setting policies and targets for all to meet. We firmly believe that we are all responsible for the quality of product or service our customer receives. Directors will ensure that all associates are given resources to fullfill this policy and to promote team work.

Other interested parties

We also recognise that we have a responsibility to other interested groups such as Authorities and our Shareholders. They will receive the same consideration as other others.